Welcome to Lincoln BIG Morris

Welcome to the Lincoln BIG Morris festival.

This year's festival takes place on Saturday 3rd September. As usual, dancing will start at 10.30 at spots around the city, some of them uphill around the cathedral and some of them downhill around the retail centre of the city. Each spot will have 2 or 3 sides in situ taking it in turns to do a dance. At regular intervals, about every 45 minutes,sides will move to a new spot, generally meeting some new sides, and doing some more dancing. This sets the pattern for the morning. There will be a break for lunch, from about 12.45 to 2.00, during which there will be singing and music sessions in the Strugglers and the Victoria. After lunch there will be another session of dancing at uphill spots only to make it easier for everyone to get to the finale. Finally the finale will take place in the Minster Yard as usual with each side doing a farewell dance.

If you are visiting Lincoln that day, make some time to stop and watch. You'll see sides fromall over Lincolnshire, the surrounding counties and further afield, dancing many different styles of dance including Cotswold, Border, Northwest, Garland, Rapper and Molly. Its a great spectacle with great music (provided by real musicians playing real instruments without the aid of electricity) and worth a visit for its own sake but if your in town to do some shopping, take a break and enjoy some real live entertainment maintaining ancient English traditions.