Welcome to Lincoln BIG Morris

Welcome to the Lincoln BIG Morris festival.

Lincoln's annual festival of traditional (or sometimes not so traditional) dance.


Its been announced on the radio and sad emails have gone out to the visiting sides. Now its on the website so it must be true. For the first time in over a decade there will be no Lincoln BIG Morris Festival in 2020. Lincoln City Council have decided to cancel all events in the city up to the end of September due to the continuing issue of COVID-19.

That's the bad news. The good news is, "We'll be back" ( to be read in a strange mid-Atlantic/Austrian accent). The 2021 festival will take place on Saturday 4th September of that very year. Invitations to dance sides will go out before the end of this year and we hope to have about 20 sides dancing in various styles of Morris, including Cotswold, Border, North West, Molly and probably Its Morris Jim But Not As We Know It. Dancing will start at 10.30 am at venues around the city (see the items under the 'Finding Your Way' menu). The dancing will be in 30-40 minute sessions with short breaks between sessions to allow dancers to move from one venue to another. The third session will finish at about 12.30, when the dancers and musicians will break for lunch. 

During the lunch break there will be a music session in The Victoria and a song session in The Strugglers.

After lunch, dancing will restart at 2.00 pm but only at the uphill venues so that the sides can all reach the finale without having to run up Steep Hill! The finale will be at Saint Paul's in the Bail, starting at 3.00 pm, with each side dancing a single dance.

If your side fancy a day dancing around glorious Lincoln just send an email to diane@lincolnbigmorris.co.uk with some info about your side and we'll add you to the list.