• Harthill Morris

    Dance Style: Cotswold

    Home: Harthill, Yorkshire


    Harthill Morris are a Cotswold Morris dancing side from the most southerly village in Yorkshire, located to the South East of Sheffield on the border with Derbyshire.

    In the mid-1970’s a member of Sheffield’s Escafeld Morris Men moved to the village of Harthill and was asked by a group of lads to teach them some basic Morris dancing for a village show. Over 40 years later Harthill Morris still dance, sing and make merry throughout the local area of South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire, up and down the UK, and overseas. In the past they have waved their yellow handkerchieves for royalty, on TV and even on the radio, and have been a proud member of The Morris Ring since 1981.


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