• Way of the Wyrd

    Dance Style: Border

    Home: Loughborough, Leicestershire

    Way of the Wyrd

    We are a mixed - some say very mixed up - border Morris side from Loughborough, Leicestershire.

    We wear disparate styles of tatters in purple, black and silver with faces painted as some form of disguise.

    Our dance style is exuberant with sticks and the occasional hanky! Dances are based on the traditional border style, however, we have written some of our own with a focus on the life and history of Loughborough. Others we have been gifted or have based upon other dances such as the Loughborough Brush dance, a Molly version, paying homage to the local Brush factory.   

    Our music comprises accordions, fiddles, drums, whistles, bodhran and washboards.

    We practice most Sundays 7 -9pm at the Mission Hut, Storer Road, Loughborough. Drop by and give us a try!!! 


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