Sides for Year

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Name of Side Dance Style Home
Alford Morris Cotswold and a bit of Border Alford Lincolnshire
Allington Morris Cotswold Allington Lincolnshire
Bare Bones Border Loughborough Leicestershire
Bishops' Morris Longsword Cotswold and Longsword Lincoln Lincolnshire
Black Annis Cotswold Leicester Leicestershire
Duke's Dandy Clog Step Clog Retford Nottinghamshire
Harthill Morris Cotswold Harthill Yorkshire
Lincoln and Micklebarrow Cotswold Lincoln Lincolnshire
Maids of Clifton Northwest Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Makara Morris Border East Yorkshire
Poacher Morris Border Lincoln Lincolnshire
Raving Maes Own Style Hessle East Yorkshire
Red Cuthbert Morris Border and Cotswold Bedford Bedfordshire
Saint Katherine's of Irchester Cotswold Irchester Northamptonshire
Sheffield Steel Rapper Rapper Sheffield South Yorkshire
Three Shires Clog and Garland Northwest Harthill Yorkshire
Way of the Wyrd Border Loughborough Leicestershire