• Welcome to Lincoln BIG Morris         Revised : Wed, 09/05/2018 - 15:46

    Welcome to the Lincoln BIG Morris festival.

    Lincoln's annual festival of traditional (or sometimes not so traditional) dance.


    Well another festival has come and gone and wasn't it a cracker. The weather was fantastic and everybody danced and played their socks off, unless they were wearing stockings. A big, big thank you goes to the heroes of the day you wonderful dancers and musicians. What you do is what the festival is for.

    Thanks also go to our stewards Rhys, Nell, Ellie, Mike, Emily, Sue, Elliott, our indefatigable MC Dave and organiser Diane for keeping us all in order and preventing us being run over by ambulances. Thanks to the venues that played host to us, the Lion & Snake, the Strugglers, the Victoria and the Museum of Lincolnshire Life plus any other hostelry which was invaded by thirsty morris dancers. Thanks to Lincoln Business Improvement Group for their continuing support. Finally, thanks to those members of the public who took a few minutes out of their busy day to watch and listen and be entertained.

    There are lots of photos and videos appearing on our Facebook (link on the left side of this page) and there will be a gallery of the best appearing on this site. Eventually.

    As ever, we are already looking forward to next year's festival. Invitations will go out before the end of the year to all the 'usual suspects'. If your side fancy a day dancing around glorious Lincoln just send an email to diane@lincolnbigmorris.co.uk with some info about your side and we'll add you to the list.