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  • Crosskey Clog

    Dance Style : Northwest
    Home : Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

    Crosskey Clog
    About Crosskey Clog

    Crosskey Clog dances in the Northwest tradition of Morris, wearing traditional-style clogs and a distinctive red and navy kit. We have a wonderful band to play for us with melodeons, fiddle, ukulele and drums, and it is a pleasure to dance to their music. Our badge depicts crossed keys over a clog – the keys come from Peterborough’s coat of arms and symbolise St Peter’s role as the keeper of the keys to Heaven.

    We are looking forward to celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2022 and, over the years, we have enjoyed dancing in many different places from local events such as the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival to Portugal, where we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We have also appeared on TV, most recently in May 2018 when we appeared on Blue Peter!

    We can be contacted via our website, or by emailing our bagman at