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    Poacher Morris
    About Poacher Morris

    Poacher Morris are Lincoln’s finest and original mixed Border Morris Team. We enjoy performing lively and energetic dances and encourage new dancers and musicians to join us in fun social exercise.

    Poacher Morris was formed in 1995 and we take our name from the song ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher’ and perform the dances of the Welsh Border tradition in our own “wild and exuberant” style which is much influenced by Shropshire Bedlams.

    As a Border side we carry on the tradition of disguise with our own distinctive colours. Black to represent the border tradition and yellow for the Lincolnshire “yellowbelly” (the name for a person born and bred within the county!). Our costume is made up of colourful rag coats and decorated top hats.

    Throughout the year the team dances at local events morris weekends and festivals.

    We meet weekly to practice teach those new to this style of dance and to develop new dances. We meet 19:45 to 21:30 on Thursdays at the Methodist Church Hall 175 Burton Road Lincoln LN1 3LW. New dancers and musicians are especially welcome – no experience necessary!